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Sign up for that 10k or marathon and now thinking “What have I done?  What do I do now?” Top Notch Running Club will not only improve your endurance and speed, it will also improve your flexibility to reduce risk of injuries and improve your strength. Even if your goal is just to be able to run one mile, the benefits of Top Notch Running Club will spill over and improve every aspect of your life. Improved cardiovascular ability benefits not only your running, but your ability to perform everyday tasks with strength and energy.  Overall benefits include weight loss, improved energy and self-confidence, and reduced stress.

Top Notch Running Club is not just a group of people that gets together to run outside.  Individual training programs include indoor strength, balance, core, and flexibility training. Our program builds individual abilities from the foundation, creating a strong and balanced path to improve abilities and reach individual goals.

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     Training for competing athletes:
  •   100m-400m   
  •   800m-1500m
  •   5k - 10k
  •   Half Marathon - Marathon - Ultra Marathon
  Training for recreational runners:
  •   Walking and Running programs
  •   Youth programs
  •   Senior programs


I am a former national athlete with 40 years of coaching experience and a Masters in Health and Physical Education from Virginia Tech, providing custom running programs for all age groups. Whether your goal is self improvement, competitive training, or weight loss, you have come to the right place. I take into consideration your strengthes and weaknesses and your historical background before providing you with a cutting edge training regimen. Let me be your guide on your way to improvement. Train with someone who has been to the apex of running success.

Achievements (PR)

Murat Mazicioglu

  • 5k - 14:48  
  • 10k - 30:35 
  • 20k - 1:01:28 
  • Half Marathon - 1:03:45 
  • Marathon - 2:23:06

Masters of Education: Physical Education (Health Promotion)   

Virginia Tech                                                   
Masters of Business Administration:  Management

BS Health & Physical Education:  Teaching/Training  

Izmir, Turkey                                                                  

Athens Marathon Winner - 1989, 2:31:48
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Murat's Institute

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Change your life with training and healthy eating.

Individualized Training Programs with Group Support

Weight loss,

Pain reduction,

Boot Camp,

Functional Training,



Youth Training,

Starting Fitness,

Pregnancy Training,

Senior Training,

Diabetic Training

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Paulette Schwarting

"I started working with Murat 11 years ago. His workout approach is very unique unlike most other workout regimens. He tailors each and every workout to me and my abilities."
"Murat has been working with me for 15 years. He is very encouraging, and he made me push myself to improve each day. At 71 years old, I continue keep up with people who are much younger than me."

Joe Kashinejad

Maria I. 

"I have worked with Murat for the past 3 years. He has improved my overall health by listening to my needs and making sure that the workout is appropriate. He has built a better foundation of health for me thereby helping me to avoid injuries during my workouts."
"I have been training with Murat since 2002 when I began recovery from a major back surgery. I am in better shape today than I have ever been. My back and core are very strong and at sixty nine years old I can keep up with many people twenty years younger."

Virgil Hazelett


Top Notch Running - Henrico, VA - United States

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