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Top Notch USTF Running Club will not only improve your endurance and speed, but it will also improve your flexibility to reduce the risk of injuries and improve your strength. Even if your goal is just to be able to run one mile, the benefits of Top Notch Running Club will spill over and improve every aspect of your life. Improved cardiovascular ability benefits not only your running but your ability to perform everyday tasks with strength and energy.  Overall benefits include weight loss and improved energy.

Individualized Training Programs In a Group Setting.

The Best of Both.

Top Notch USTF Running Club is not just a group of people that gets together to run outside.  Individual training programs include indoor strength, balance, core, and flexibility training. Our program builds individual abilities from the foundation, creating a strong and balanced path to improve abilities and reach individual goals.

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Train with the best
Murat Mazicioglu

World-class Runner, Master of Health, Physical Education and
a USTF Recognized Coach

Athens Marathon Winner - 1989, 2:31:48


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Preventing Injury

Murat's training programs emphasize identifying and strengthening weaknesses to prevent injuries. 

He can also design a customized program to help you recover from previous injuries, whether recent or in the distant past.

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Training for Recreational Runners

Running and Walking Programs

Youth Programs

Senior Programs

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Training for Competing Athletes



5k - 10k Half Marathon  Marathon - Ultra Marathon


Murat's Institute

Fitness - Health - Cafe


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Change your life with training and healthy eating.

Individualized Training Programs with Group Support

Weight loss

Pain reduction

Boot Camp

Functional Training



Youth Training

Starting Fitness

Pregnancy Training

Senior Training

Diabetic Training




Tracy Russillo

" I’m a runner, at least I thought I was.  I met Coach Murat at a social function.  I stood up and walked a few feet across the room to introduce myself.  The first thing he said was, “you have hip and back problems, I can fix that”.  I was shocked and intrigued.  I had completed my fifth marathon a few weeks earlier after training with a local group and wondering why each marathon my performance was diminishing.  Shouldn’t I be getting better? I was training so much. I was following “the schedule”.  Why wasn’t I improving?  I was really doubting my abilities. I started training with Coach Murat and quickly realized I had made so many mistakes.  I was concentrating on the wrong things, which in turn were causing me pain and slowing my pace.  Time, patience and the exceptional coaching skills of Coach Murat have changed my life.  My pain is gone, my pace is much quicker, I’ve lost weight and I feel great.  I am a runner! Coach Murat isn’t one of those people who ran some races and took a couple fitness classes to become a fitness instructor.  He is a true expert, with an extensive advanced education in physiology and fitness.  He is a world class runner with many titles to his name.  His extensive resume includes training national level runners.  His business is fitness and running, and he knows his business well. If you want to significantly improve your running—no matter what your experience or skill level is, if you are plagued with nagging injuries, or even if you don’t run but want to feel and look better, please come join Coach Murat.  He will change your life too! "

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Berkley Nance

" Top Notch Running has changed my whole running experience. I am training smarter, not harder. This lets me stay healthy to keep on running. Without Murat, I would not have reached my potential right now. He knows exactly what to do and recognizes my abilities. It is a great atmosphere and he has built up my confidence in running. Without his plan, I would be nowhere near where I am today "


David Glassman

" Murat's Institute is a fitness home for me and my entire family. Murat has created a great environment for each of us to pursue our fitness goals, both through small group classes and individual coaching. As a runner, I have loved being a part of the Top Notch Running club - from weekly workouts to competing with the team at the Virginia State Games, this has been a great running home. Murat's coaching has helped significantly improve my speed and overall running ability, while cross training through the fitness classes has helped me stay injury free. My wife and teen daughters love the morning fitness classes...they feel very at home with really diverse group of participants. Murat's Institute is more than a really is a community, part of which is also a place to enjoy great food and fellowship with others. It is a unique and special place that we are very grateful for. For many years, I called myself a runner; I have the medals and t-shirts to prove it. Using the best training plans Google could find me, I logged lots of miles and was generally able to cut a couple of seconds of pace from year to year, while muddling through a variety of classic running injuries. Training with Murat was an absolute game changer. Murat's coaching is very intentional and very focused on the individual runner. Unlike the traditional training teams, which offer a supportive environment and general advice, working with Murat is having a coach. He gets to know you, he watches you, and he cares about your success. I have seen a dramatic decrease in time, while running healthier and avoiding nagging injuries and aches. I really liked running before, but I love it now. Thanks Murat! "



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